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Auto Accident Injuries


We at Midwest Chiropractic and Sports Medicine know that an automobile accident is not only traumatic to your body, but very stressful to your mind.  Dealing with the loss of your vehicle, the bodyshop, claims adjusters and insurance companies can become too much for many people to deal with.  

Unfortunately, we cant help with these issues, but we can make sure you get the care you need and take away the worry of having to pay for your care out-of-pocket.

Like any injury to person or property you MUST document the damage.  We will take a detailed history of the injury, perform physical, neurological, and orthopedic exams of the injured areas, and perform high resolution digital xrays of the areas.  We pride ourselves on our thorough and extensive notes.  We have never been denied payment due to lack of documentation.

Unlike the Medical doctors and Hospital, we will not require you to pay at the time of treatment. Many times this limits a person's ability to seek care.  The auto insurance companies use this tactic to "force" an injured person to settle their case long before they are fully recovered.  We will make sure your are at MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement) before we release you from care.  Once you are finished with care we offer 90 day a "Settlement Period" from your last treatment date before payments need to be made to our office. Typically most settlements are paid within 30 days of your last visit.

We will file the needed insurance claims for you and deal with your claims adjuster on your behalf.  

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Please bring your claim # and insurance info so we can help get this filed for you, and get you feeling better TODAY!

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